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Really addressing the subject of ICT’s in the classroom and as educators how we can equip our students with other skills outside of what is in the unit plans.

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Technological Change in my classroom

Since undertaking EDC3100, I had begun to consider how could I incorporate the use of ICTs more into my training. Over the duration of the theoritical weeks I started to compile a list of the various ways that I could engage with and get the students using ICTs and specifically what type of ICTs.

This week on professional experience saw me implement a change in the way that I would show YouTube Videos to the class. Traditionally, I would have embedded the video in a PowerPoint presentation and played it from my computer and projected it onto either a whiteboard or a projector screen. This week I changed the way I did this, I encouraged and got the students to view the video on their smart phones or tablets. I have also advised students that rather than taking notes they are welcome to take photos of information I put on the whiteboard or even to use the voice recorder and record the session so that they can refer to it when they have to do their assignment.

I am also engaging in the use of Social Media to engage with the students before and after the class, I have created a group on Twitter and have had them all add the group, they are also creating and using LinkedIn profiles as well. I feel the success of my implementation has been due to the groups being Gen Y but also because we are covering the topic of Networking, therefore I am teaching them how to network both on personal social media (Twitter, Facebook) and professionally (LinkedIn, Industry associations).

Keen to see how my classrooms continue to involve and incorporate the latest trends in ICTs.

By kylieljohnson

Week 1- Professional Experience

This week saw the commencement of professional experience. As my placement is at my regular workplace, I have spent the week reviewing how do I currently deliver my training and evaluating the level of ICT usage not only in my facilitation but also from the engagement of the student perspective. My findings so far is that I do use ICTs to facilitate learning and this is usually by the means of PowerPoint, but not used excessively so I avoid “Death by PowerPoint”. From the student viewpoint, there is not a lot of ICT engagement except for the use of email to submit their assessments. My first challenge that I have tasked myself with is to develop my training sessions from the perspective of a learner and consider where I can incorporate the use of ICTs more than currently. I feel that by putting myself in the shoes of the students or learners, it will allow me to create my sessions with a different perspective rather than from the viewpoint of a facilitator.

I regularly deliver training sessions over a series of workshops, during studying EDC3100 I have since reviewed these workshops and identified areas in which ICTs can be used more to engage the learners and to make it more enjoyable, with the hope of changing their perceptions of training.

Going to use the time on placement to really change the way I deliver training and to incorporate the use of ICTs more but not above the literacy level of the participants.

Exciting times ahead!

By kylieljohnson

EDC3100 Professional Experience

How quick is the semester going- Week 11 already and now ready to start Professional Experience for 15 days!

Excited to be going to an RTO and to experience how to incorporate ICTs into their training sessions to take the workshops to another dimension and to potentially increase the engagement of students. As a lot of the learners are Adult Learners, most are therefore not considered to be “tech savvy” so the biggest forseen challenge will be helping these students break past this belief and help them develop technical skills. It is hoped that with incorporating such into their training, they will graduate with much more than just another qualification, but will also have skills that will make them more efficient in their roles within their respective workplace environments in which some are heavily ICT focussed.

Can’t wait to embark on this and to share learnings and developments from this time. Hope all my other VET students enjoy their placements.

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Common Issue with ICTs

Having a read of my fellow EDC3100 students, I came across a blog post that is something in my early career days I came across and could never really understand why people where so fearful. As time went on and my confidence and competence continued to develop I was able to answer my own questions.

Fear- it is something holds a lot of us back. If fear didn’t exist I am sure that we would all carry out our wildest desires or take the leap of faith, make the decision that we are stuck on etc.  

Good post and glad to be following!


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EDC3100- Assignment 2, ICT Rich Unit Plans

Well what a week it has been!

Working in a role that is very full time and having a variety of other responsibilities that absorb my time- one must think that I do not get any sleep. I am able to juggle work, life and university quite well- but add to that being sick and it does make things a little tough. However, I have soldiered on (excuse the pun) and now managed to submit Assignment 2 for EDC3100.

This assignment focussed on creating a unit plan that was rich in ICT use. Using a client that I am familiar with and a program that I currently facilitate, I have now been able to sit back and reflect on the training that I currently deliver and identify ways that in future I can change the way it is carried out. The environments that I am exposed to are very heavily ICT related as they are service centres or contact centres that require the staff to use not just computers but other information systems that are a means to communicate with other departments in order to deliver quality service to customers and at the level the organisation expects.

By now being aware of the key responsibilities, I have identified where I can incorporate a more hands on approach with incorporating the use of ICTs for the students. One improvement that could be made is rather than all of the sessions purely being old traditional workbook based sessions, I could look at utilising the computer lab and physically demonstrating to the students where and how to access certain technologies that they would be exposed to.

Really enjoying this subject and it is making me realise just how useful ICTs can be- if used effectively.

On another note, it is time to take some pain relief and hit the pillow (hopefully no dreams or nightmares of what my mark will be), so now I attempt to rest in anticipation of getting my results.



By kylieljohnson

Module 2- EDC3100, The Success Formula

Well what an interesting Module 1 in ICTs and Pedagogy! While I eagerly anticipate the return of assignment 1 (online artefact), I have dived into Module 2 and began to understand what the next few weeks of my life will involve.

Lesson Plans! As a trainer & assessor, these are definitely not something that I am new to. In my current role as a VET practitioner I am actively creating and using session delivery plans. I am excited for this topic as I am hoping to build on my current skills and knowledge so that the plans I create in future not only entice on paper but are successfully implemented in the classroom so that my students obtain the skills and knowledge required for competency but also learn something they were not expecting, even if it is using a piece of technology they never thought they would interact with.

So far one thing that has captured my attention is the formula for success in engaging students in their learning

Curriculum + Assessment + Pedagogy = Quality learning experience

I agree with this formula because when you align the curriculum, assessment and pedagogy, as an effective educator the experience that the student has should be one of high quality and very engaging. Questions as educators that we should ask ourselves for each component are:

  1. Curriculum – What is taught?

    Syllabus, school priorities and system priorities.

  2. Assessment – How is student learning assessed?

    Making judgements using Standards (criteria) based on student evidence.

  3. Pedagogy – How do teachers teach?

    Pedagogy aligned to the type of learning to be done.

Really keen to get into this more and rework my existing session plans to make the sessions even better than before and much better than I ever imagined.

By kylieljohnson

Assignment 1 EDC3100- Online Artefact

Well I have finally caught up on all my work (laptop is still alive).

What fun I am having with the subject EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy, Assignment 1 now done and dusted! Was a really fun assignment creating an online artefact that helps other educators understand why we need to use ICTs in our training and change the way we deliver training.

To check out my work, click the link below 

Onwards and Upwards as I continue on this journey and building on current knowledge and interest of ICTs.

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Teaching Resource – I just found in my email feed

Great resource found by a fellow EDC3100 student SEASIDEGROUP2014, nice find and thank you for sharing.


Well I was just cleaning up my email ready to call it quits tonight and then I have come across this link that has heaps of resources for teachers, guides, resources and tools. 

Firstly what did catch my eye was the tag line of The Top 50 Education Blogs Every Teacher Needs but when I looked at the page a little bit more it has some good other resources.

Have fun you might browsing you might find something good for your prac experience

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ICTs in Vocational Education & Training

Still on the catch up with EDC3100, this week content focussing on ICTs and the Australian Curriculum taught in schools. This week has made me sit back a little and look at the “curriculum” that I teach. While in the VET sector the content that one can study in a qualification can vary across industries but ultimately is mapped into the same Unit of Competency, therefore, the units of competency that make up the various qualifications in the industry that also form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is what I consider to be my curriculum. The  methodologies of getting the students to learn the skills and knowledge is left to my own devices, so in discussion with a colleague I have discussed the training that I currently run with a client.

This particular client is a Service Centre environment so the students are subjected to technology on a daily basis, ranging from Computers, Photocopiers to their personal mobile phones. The training is currently provided with paper based learning materials and assessments, so sitting back and thinking about what I have learnt so far in EDC3100- my main thought has been, how can I incorporate use of ICTs into their training? The reason for this is not only because of undertaking this subject, but for some of the students that undergo the training, using technology is not something they are strong performers in. So by adapting my training, they could complete the course and obtain their qualification but also would have developed skills that they could use to assist them in being able to competently function within society and their respective communities.

My Challenge: How am I going to do this?

Answer: I have considered the various things that I could do to achieve this….

– Create an online submission portal that allows them to scan and submit their assessment online rather than via email. Results could also be returned electronically.

– Create an online community in which they can network and share their learning journey. This could be done either on Microsoft Share Point or even creating a group on Facebook.

– Prior to the workshops and after the workshop, rather than communicating by email or phone incorporate the use of Twitter and other social media.

More to come!

Really loving how EDC3100 is making me think about what I am currently doing and how I can adapt it to help the students build on their use of ICTs, can’t wait to see what my trainings will be like after successful completion of this subject.


By kylieljohnson